Philly Marathon Training W8D6

Do you remember that time I trained for a marathon almost exclusively on a treadmill (for those that are new around here, that DID happen)? That was partially because of days like these. 4:20 a.m. Let me repeat that…4:20 on a Sunday morning! That’s what time I had to get up in order to assure I could get my 10 miles in and be back in time for the husband to leave to do what he had to do today. It is moments like these that I really envy you people that can run fast.

It wasn’t all bad though. The solitude of an early morning run is pretty awesome (other than while running, I am RARELY alone - there’s no escaping all these kids). Watching the world wake up is pretty awesome. Hearing a rooster crow after you’ve already logged five and a half miles is pretty awesome (I don’t typically hear roosters, so it did take me a bit to register what exactly I was hearing). And coming back and seeing the Fitbit leader board was pretty awesome. It may only last 3 minutes and it may be based on technicalities (Pump losing his Fitbit the other day and time zone differences), but it still feels pretty great for this couch potato to unseat these two who are ALWAYS sitting atop that leaderboard for at least one short moment in time. I’m not sure if hearing Hotel California on the ipod was awesome or not - all I could think of while hearing it was TrivialBob’s generic looking light sage shirt - I don’t think that song will ever be the same for me again.

This was the last run of week 8. I had a total of approximately 41 miles for the week. Week 9 is going to be a 47 mile week that will go something like this: easy 5, 5 x 1k speed work, 8 mile tempo, easy 6, easy 5, and long 15.

I was kind of curious how many miles I have run this year, so I just looked it up on Garmin Connect. 826.67. Woah. It’s not even mid-September yet and I still have about 500 more miles to run by the time the marathon rolls around in mid-November. I guess I can call myself a runner now?

Happy Sunday all! Are you ready for some football?

Target pace: 11:41-11:52
Actual pace: 11:41